We design and manufacture custom-made trophies with all kinds of materials and finishes

Here at ESSA PUNT, we handle the whole process from the initial design to the manufacturing, to obtain one-off pieces, adapted to the needs of each client.

We create personalised trophies, always preserving the exclusivity and confidentiality of our clients with top-quality finishes.

Our working process involves:

To produce the trophies, we use various types of materials such as aluminium, methacrylate, stainless steel, wood, vinyl, etc. By combining different materials we can create impressive one-off pieces that are prized by our clients.
We rely on the latest technology and our team’s know-how to create top-quality unique trophies with all kinds of details.
  • Assessing the client’s needs

    We take into considerations the guidelines the client has set to implement the project, assessing the shape, materials and finishes, etc.

  • Graphic pre-design of the element

    We bring to life each of the details that the client has given us as a sketch, where the shape of the elements takes centre stage.

  • Selection of production techniques

    Bearing in mind the features the trophy will have and the materials that will be used to produce it, we select the production techniques according to the assigned budget.

  • Creation of a prototype

    Once the decisions have been made, a prototype will be made and shown the client, so it can be modified as they deem necessary.

  • Production of the trophy

    Once the client has approved the prototype, we produce the trophy in as many units as necessary.

We create trophies
for all occasions

A trophy is a very personal element for the person who receives it, since it is the material embodiment of a distinction given to them for one of their merits.

These are objects with great sentimental value meaning that, from a graphic perspective, their design and production must be carefully and perfectly done so that it expresses what the client wants the person or institution receiving it to remember.

When it comes to designing trophies, common elements that should be taken into consideration are: the company logo, the inscription and, sometimes, they need to include a picture.

At ESSA PUNT, depending on the type of trophy we’re going to create, we use different techniques such as digital printing, laser cutting, lacquer, polishing, perforation, engraving, etc.

In order to create unique pieces adapted to each client. We can implement any kind of design, from logos, texts or even photos on different kinds of materials.

Each of the production commissions to produce trophies we receive is carried out in the same personalised way, starting from scratch so that the trophies are best adapted to the client’s needs. As specialists, we provide advice on aspects such as design, shape, materials and finishes for the trophies so that the final result goes beyond initial expectations.

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