Riu Llobregat Signage

señalética riu llobregat

Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) is the institution in charge of developing and joining up the urban network of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. In this case, the commission was focussed on the Parc del Riu Llobregat, an 30 km area, which crosses seven towns around Barcelona.

The studio, Clase BCN, was commissioned to create a signage system,
which got the bronze medal for graphics applied to spaces in the 2013 Laus Awards, to identify the Parc del Riu Llobregat, a public space that, due to its length and specific nature, requires signage for its protected spaces.

The visual identity of the Parc del Riu Llobregat, which is based around the double “L” in its name, sets itself apart by bringing together tradition and simplicity.

Here at ESSA PUNT, we took charge of creating the posts for the river signage: monoliths with a square base, manufactured out of locally sourced wood that came from regional Douglas firs plantations, to generate a self-ageing process for the element.

The posts have two faces on a right angle; on one face, the exact location where the passer-by is located in the park and on the other, information about the place and a QR code to access the webpage. To do this, we used a cover sheet made of 3 mm aluminium and printed vinyl graphics with a matte protection laminate and anti-vandalism varnish.

We attached the posts to the ground with a hidden iron foot.

Direction Signace

Clase BCN for Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) – Parc del Riu Llobregat


Road signs for inside the car parks


Direction Signace

Sign design

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