espacios efímeros mariscal
espacios efímeros mariscal
espacios efímeros mariscal

Javier Mariscal is a prestigious interdisciplinary designer with his own personal artistic language that fills all of his creations.
His designs are easily recognisable because of the type of stokes and colours he uses, which have set him apart and led him to be one of the top designers in the word.

Here at ESSA PUNT, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with Estudio Mariscal many times to transform the designer’s creative ideas and those of his team into tangible elements.

Among the most notable projects, we have Mariscal’s exhibitions –held in London, Barcelona and San Sebastián– for which we manufacture letters in 2 mm aluminium and Re-Board, lacquered with a colour base that we then covered with a printed paper and then painted on it to get the desired effect.

Similarly, we have also collaborated with Mariscal in the creation of another of their designs for ephemeral spaces: the booth of the 32nd Copa América held in Valencia.

To create this, we used internal aluminium tube structures, covered in lacquered and vinyl-coated with texts and digital printing. Similarly, we also put up showcases, lit with halogen spotlights. The spectacular nature of the project was found on the main wall, where we placed black and orange rubber balls to simulate the event’s logo. They were embedded into the wood one-by-one, using registers with a numerical control.

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espacios efimeros



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