Interior design


Here at ESSA PUNT, we develop business and commercial interior design concepts that are custom-made for our clients, which bring together functionality and aesthetics.

The mission we have for all of our interior design projects is to create a unique and personalised space that reflects the values that the client want to get across.

Interior design is the art of furbishing and transforming spaces to create custom-made environments, bearing in mind all of the elements that define them, to adapt them to the needs of human beings.

Here at ESSA PUNT, we understand interior design as the process for recreating ideas, values and emotions that allows us to transform a simple space into a place with personality and distinction. To achieve this, we have a team of professional technicians who carry out each of the interior design projects, in the most time-efficient way possible, but always with the utmost quality, to get the greatest level of satisfaction from each and every one of our clients.

Project development process

Our interior design service covers tailor-made furniture creation and manufacture, taking into account the lighting and layout of the spaces as well as the selection of colour palettes and materials.

    Interior Design

    Here at ESSA PUNT, we bring
    your ideas to life.

    The most important thing is to know what you have in mind and, starting with an initial sketch, working together to develop the interior design concept. We focus our work on the first idea the client has envisioned, perfecting it with the aim of making the most of the space.

    After the initial assessment, we consider the various options and offer our clients all of the possible variations to assess together which option is best suited to their personal tastes and perfectly meets their needs.

    Once the interior design project has been completely designed, we take care of everything, in other words, we make custom build the different elements and pieces that will be part of the space: counters, display cases, signage, vinyl, etc.

    We work on the interior design concept with all kinds of materials: wood, iron, plastic, glass, sheet metal, aluminium, canvas, tenaflex, etc. The choice of raw materials depends on the aesthetics we want to give to each space and the values the brand wants to get across. This is a key decision since, if we want to bring warmth to a space, for example, wood should take centre stage; on the other hand, if we want to create a modern and industrial space, iron should be the star material when creating the pieces.

    The combination of different materials and finishes –polish, lacquer, shine, matte, paint, etc.– allows us to design and create unique spaces that bring each brand’s philosophy and values to life.

    Similarly, another key aspect that we take into consideration here at ESSA PUNT when doing the interior design for a space is shape, in other words, the geometry of the pieces.

    The design and the composition of the elements depend on the final result we want to achieve: vertical or horizontal lines, round shapes, circles, etc. Each space needs a unique solution to make it stand out from the crowd and to do this, our team manufactures and shapes out each of the pieces and structures that make up the final ensemble by hand and in a personalised manner.

    Lastly, when it comes to the interior design of an establishment, we focus all of our attention on the details, because we know that they are what make the difference.

    Here at ESSA PUNT, we specialise in handling space, adapting and modifying elements according to the needs and means that can be used, with the aim of achieving the best spatial, functional, technological and cost-effective solution.

    We have our own fleet of vehicles to transport the structures and pieces anywhere, nationally or internationally, with a final assembly team that will install all of the elements and handle the electrification of the pieces, if necessary.

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